Our talented surgeons have expert techniques to freshen up your look with eye lid or eye bag removal surgery or perhaps to streamline your neck with submental Liposuction  or a neck lift to give a more defined jawline, even beautiful facelift.

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and the result it brings can be life changing.

For a more  striking chin (or v-shaped) and higher cheek bones to balance the face chin and cheek implants can add harmony to the features of your face.

Available Treatment so refresh or sculpt your feature to create harmony to your face:

  • Face lift

  • Fat Transfer to face

  • Neck Lift

  • Eye Bags or Hooded Eye lids

  • Brow lift

  • Chin Augmentation

  • Cheek Augmentation

  • Nose Reshaping ( Rhinoplasty )

  • Otoplasty

7 ways towards an artful Facial Rejuvenation

The Anti-ageing Revolution

With thanks to the revolutionary developments over the last ten years, we are now living in a golden age for anti-ageing treatments that really do work!

There have never been so may effective ways to look younger with a range of combination bespoke surgical treatments and some that won't require you to go under the knife at all.


Nowadays we can improve our looks with out breaking the bank and with increasingly popular minimally invasive or non-surgical almost pain free techniques with lower or no down time.


The latest facelift techniques aim to reduce the scar lines, whilst giving similar long lasting lift. According to Dr. Dulip consultant Plastic Surgeon, the shorter scar lift is perfect for ladies  over 45 with hectic lifestyles. The Patrick Tonnard Short Scar technique, coupled with a special medical glue (manufactured in America) to stick down the connective tissue, results in a youthful appearance with essentially less scarring than the traditional facelift – a fabulous technique to freshen up your look. Fat injections soften the effect of the facelift and give a smooth to compliment your new appearance.

Liposuction will remove areas of fat from the jowls or neck under the chin to further define your jawline and neck lift.

- Face lift

- Neck lift

- Liposuction chin

For the Facelift procedure, clients may include a neck lift or eye bag removal and upper eyelid lift and for men eyelid lift or bag removal, to give a refreshed look by opening up hooded eyes and restoring saggy jowls to give a smooth jawline.

Autologous Fat Transfer

– Face + Lips

Fat Transfer or Far grafting is an artistic anti ageing cosmetic technique that smooths, boosts an rejuvenation the face while allowing a natural glow and restored natural appearance. Your face is a canvas and a talented highly trained plastic surgeon can use fat to fill and sculpt your facial features to appear as if you have turned he clock back even up to 10 or 20 years! Best of all Fat grafting is a semi-permanent cosmetic restoration so the results can last for years depending on your skin.

Fat transfers can be used to replace volume lost in the face due to ageing with Natural Fat (your own), without triggering adverse tissue reactions. This method is proving popular compared to some longer term synthetic fillers, as a preferred way to reduce or fill your frown lines, facial wrinkles even acne scars can be smoothed to give a flawless younger looking face. Fat Transfers have added benefits too, due to some stem cells present in the fat that can also help to improve your skin, when transferred to your treatment area.

Autologous Fat Transfer (Microlipoinjection) Treatments for full face or partial face read more here: Fat transfer to face to refresh your look to a more youthful you.


Fat grafting also appeals to many prospective patients, as it is minimally invasive and does not require any traditional facial incisions. With a global perspective on the aging process, fat grafting has assumed a more prominent role in our ability to combat the signs of ageing.

 -Fat Transfer for upper face (temples, forehead,checks, tear trough or under eyes), lower face (marionette lines, mouth area and lips) 

- Fat transfer backs of hands

Brow lifts are used to stop the downward slide south from the forehead where skin creates wrinkles and lines as well as for some a heavy hooded expression.

- Brow lift

Eye lids as creepy skin begins to appear or eye bags develop a Blephroplasty removes excess skin that has created hooded eyes  and the surgeon may add or relocate  fat to give a more facial harmony and refresh your eyes to give a dramatic new refreshed you.  

- Upper eyelids for hooded eyes

- Lower eyelids for eye bags

Fat grafting procedures require a plastic surgeon who has year of experience in the field and knows how to use his talents, skills and innovative techniques to achieve natural graceful and remarkable results. Every client is unique the plastic surgeon will give bespoke treatments to address your concerns. 

The end results should be a more vibrant you, with those that know you best left unsure what you have done to restore a refreshed and natural looking version of yourself.


Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and the result it brings can be life changing.

For a more  striking chin (or v-shaped) and higher cheek bones to balance the face chin and cheek implants can add harmony to the features of your face.

Our ears naturally stand away from the side of the head but some people’s ears stick out more than others. Prominent ears (bat ears or jug ears) can run in families but are not linked with any medical conditions and have no effect on hearing ability.  Prominent ears can be corrected in an operation called pinnaplasty, also known as otoplasty.

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