Loving my Lower Facelift

With shopping, sightseeing & new friends

Hi Jo,

Just a note to tell you what a wonderful time I had doing the tourist things and shopping.

But most of all very pleased with my outcome from having my lower face done.

The nursing staff are so caring .

Green Park Resort certainly ticks all the boxes for me. I just love the pool.

Thanks for all you do 


Breast Reduction and Lifted to where they should be!

Live changing, now I can wear a belt with my jeans! My boobs no longer chatter to my belly button!

Client:  Annette
Country: USA ( MAY 2018)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments:
Surgery: Breast reduction with lift  + augmentation 
Plastic Surgeon : Sri Lanka

Having plastic surgery is never an easy decision. But I worked hard to lose over 100 lbs. And the excess skin needed to be removed for my own self-worth. I feel like a new person without the extra baggage.

My incisions never had any problems and healing has been a success so far. I’m glad I chose Dr. Dulip as my surgeon as I feel he truly cares about the outcome. Jane was a blessing and angel who guided me through from beginning to end!

Ask for my  before and afters. Tummy, buttocks, arm lift and breast surgery photos 

Please ask to see my photos. Interested to find out more Interested to find out more

Small chages to make a big difference in my life

Chin Augmentaion and Rhinoplasty to reshape my nose

Client:  Daniel
Country: New Zealand. MAY 2017
Cosmetic Surgery: Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)  + Chin Augmentation
Plastic Surgeon : Sri Lanka

I had a fantastic experience and the whole process fulfilled all my expectations. Both my doctor and coordinator were exceptionally helpful leading up to my surgery. The surgery itself was a complete success, and the results were pleasing. My only critique would be the unfair pricing placed by the Hospital which were of no sense whatsoever, i.e. charging over for ‘other services’ which were not explained at all when asked. Apparently the taxes!

Other than that, the services provided by Dr. Dulip and Jane were quintessential. I loved the whole experience and it is with great honesty that I say my cosmetic procedure in Sri Lanka was a life changing event and for those that are considering it, I highly recommend this place. Please ask to see my photos on a private consult.

26 Year Old No Kids, no Shape & No Ass. My BBL Sri Lanka

Basically no booty it’s flat! But not ANYMORE.

Client:  Danni
Country: Australia (JAN 2018)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments:  Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) & Lip Fat Transfer
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan  | Sri Lanka

I have an apple shape body. Y’all apple ladies feel me when you look in the mirror and you have basically no booty it’s flat, so I’ve decided to get my Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL and have sorted my consultation for the 15h of December with Dr Thushan in Sri lanka (, he’s one of the top surgeons over there and the fact that he has done his training in Australia makes me feel whole a lot better. I’m excited and nervous and hope that once I meet him and see other BBL’s he’s done I’ll have the confidence to actually do it. I researched all the necessary things I will need. Top tips order a female urinal, so I don’t have to bend to pee and buy online a booty buddy to protect the new booty. I felt like I had done 5000 push ups after the procedure and was really sore and swollen.

It’s now a few months on and I’m really loving my results especially my tummy and waist was worth that pain and my butt is in better shape than before, which is good.  I’m happy with the waist as for buttocks, I know I was super flat to start with but kinda wish it was bit more rounder, but I’ll give it time and start excising my glutes to get an even better shape. Thank you Jane for your support and Dr Thushan for making this happen and giving me this new body and new Colombo Curve BBL.

My New Year and New Nose In SRI LANKA

I've always wanted a smaller nose this was the perfect time to do it

Client: Annie

Country: Ireland/Australia (DEC 2017)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments:  Rhinoplasty 
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip  | Sri Lanka 


Having only contacted Jane a few months before, I was only half thinking that doing my nose might be possible during my trip to Sri Lanka for a month. After talking to Jane I was confident that the surgeon and hospital were actually beyond my expectations and once I found our more about the surgeon and his experience I was very happy and to hear he qualified in the UK and has recently trained in Dallas Tx and Belgium! So FULLY up-to-date with the latest techniques. I had had a consultation in Sydney, but it was just too expensive. I feel that my surgery went very well, I was nervous and asked my partner to leave me to it, as he was more nervous than me, but it was all fine the hardest part was avoiding the sun, I was in a super disguised in my hat and big sunnies exploring the beaches just south of Colombo!

The Hospital stay was find even had great western choices of food which I was really happy to see. The staff were sweet and gave me a lovely big room to.

Sri Lanka was amazing from the beaches in Colombo and down south we had a wonderful new year and met so many great people while we were there. So grateful for my daily contact with Jane who made such an effort to make my trip and appointments so easy for me. I even had a dental filling done which was so cheap.

It's been 3 months now since my nose surgery and the nose tip is still swollen and still a little numb and sometimes itchy, but other than that, I forget I have gotten it done sometimes, it looks so good and natural and I can't wait to see the full results in a few months. Big thank you to the surgeon and medical staff that looked after me.

Refreshed my eyes - Feeling fantastic

New Zealand

My social calendar is gone through the roof I am so delighted I went ahead and had both top and bottom eyelids done, what a boost, I even feel younger.

I also had the privilege to meet up with Jo the agent from NZ who had another 4 ladies with her having various procedures.  Jo was with me right through the surgery and it was so comforting to know that she was there. This beautiful lady, who I had just met, looked after all the girls and I like we were her best friends and there are not many people like that here.  Jo, you have such a great personality, professional, caring, happy and a joy to have met.  


Thanks to you Jo, my recuperation time was fun and stress free and for my first time in Thailand, you made it a wonderful experience. I hope to return again whether it will be for more surgery or just a holiday.

 I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital, all the staff who took such good care of me, Dr Witoon who is so friendly and my experience in full.  The level of service was next to none that I have ever encountered. The caring and friendly nature of the staff and Dr Witoon was outstanding, which made me feel at ease. Truly no pain after surgery but the photos may make your eyes water. The swelling is going down and I can’t wait to see the new me, I’m so happy with the results.   

Thanks again for everything Jo and Wendy you are a credit to your business.


You would not believe how many compliments I have had from all sorts of people, friends who I haven't seen for some time and people from work, about how well I look and no wrinkles, that my skin is glowing and that I look 45 well that's 10 years off that I am delighted with. My social calendar is gone through the roof I am so delighted I went ahead and had both top and bottom done, what a boost, I even feel younger.

I went to have my eye brows waxed a few weeks ago and the beautician was amazed with the surgery she didn't even pick it. My doctor saw me a few weeks after I came back and he said that the surgeon had done such a great job, he was so impressed with the surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments: D : Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Witoon | THAILAND

Extended Tummy Tuck + VASER Liposuction to Abdomen and Waist

New Zealand 

Two years ago I paid $500 to consult with a plastic surgeon in Hamilton about having breast implants and a tummy tuck. I was disappointed, as $24,000 +  NZD was beyond my budget, so I just had breast implants resigning myself that I was going to have my ‘mother’s apron’ for life.


Last year I read a magazine article about 4 women going to Phuket for surgery, the woman who had had a tummy tuck looked fantastic, so I decided to research it more. I contacted quite a few overseas medical providers and also considered countries other than Thailand. After contacting the various providers, I realised that Beautiful Escapes was the only one actually based in New Zealand. The others merely appeared to be here, with NZ numbers that were serviced from overseas.

Adding that to the fact that Beautiful Escapes  were also able to arrange all of flights and accommodation etc., I decided they were the only provider I could really rely on to see me through my new adventure especially as I’d opted to go on my own.


Within a few weeks of choosing Beautiful Escapes , they had guided me through the whole process and I was on a flight to Phuket to have my ‘apron’ removed !


The whole experience from start to finish was just amazing – so well planned and executed that travelling on my own was a breeze. I was picked up from Phuket airport at midnight as planned and whisked off to my hotel. I was so glad to see my VIP driver there waiting for me, given it was midnight when I arrived. Checking in at the IBIS hotel in Patong was also stress-free.


The next day I was collected by my driver and taken to the hospital for my consultation and pre-surgery tests. My first impression of the hospital was that if it wasn’t for the signage at the entrance to the hospital, I would’ve thought I was in a 4-star hotel. I was welcomed personally on entry before being taken up to meet my surgeon Dr Pongaskorn. We discussed at length my surgery for an extended tummy tuck and I soon realised I was in the hands of a highly qualified, very experienced, caring medical professional.


My pre-surgery tests also went well and I was shown to my room. I was told that although I had booked a standard room at the hospital, I would be given the Presidential suite at no extra costmerely because it was available. Of course I was rapt !


The nurses were amazing-nothing was too much bother and all so professional. It made any pre-surgery anxiety melt away, knowing that I was in the care of caring, professional people. Being treated like a guest rather than a patient sure helped also.


The next day I had my surgery which went well and I was back in my luxury room before I knew it. I can’t really remember the pain as it was so well managed through medication. I was given my own physiotherapist and the nursing staff and my surgeon were on hand at all times monitoring my progress.


I had my laptop so I could keep in touch with my family without having to leave my bed. All the staff spoke English plus there were 3 or so English-speaking channels I could view on TV so my needs were well-catered for.

The menu catered for both western and Thai tastes and everything was so fresh and delicious.

My in-hospital recovery was quick and by the end of the week  I was ready to leave the hospital and the friends I had made there, ready for my next exciting leg of my adventure which was my hotel in Patong. Again I was escorted there by my VIP driver to the most amazing 4-star accommodation at Phuket Gracelands Resort and Spa, again sumptuous in it’s decor and friendly staff.

First thing I did was to take a leisurely walk along Patong Beach which was straight across the road from my hotel.

During that second week, I enjoyed the wonderful sights of Phuket and the superb shopping and massages etc. I had of course by now – fallen in love with Phuket and it’s wonderful people !


For my medical follow-ups, I was always collected by my VIP driver and taken to the hospital for my surgeon and/or nursing staff to check on my progress and change my dressings etc.


At the very end of my two weeks, I was given a final check-up at the hospital but by then I felt well-healed. I truly loved my new tummy which made me feel like a million dollars.


My only regret is that I did not know about Beautiful Escapes  earlier. I would have saved several thousand more dollars on my breast implants, had surgery in a hospital far superior to the one in Hamilton and uncompromising care and professionalism that is only dreamed about in NZ


So, huge thanks to Beautiful Escapes  for organising the trip of a lifetime for me, for checking on me throughout and for making sure I had the most stress-free, life-changing experience ever !


Thanks to the truly amazing staff at the hospital especially the nurses and last but by no means least my wonderful surgeon Dr Pongsatorn.


Client: S. O . Hamilton

Country: New Zealand  

Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments: Extended Tummy Tuck + VASER liposuction to abdomen and waist  

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Pongsatorn | THAILAND

After my Pattaya Escape I've had many comments from friends about how good I look


I arrived in Pattaya late on a Sunday evening in Nov 2006. I was very nervous about what lay ahead, fear of the unknown, and in a different country. 

The following morning I had my consultation with Dr Thun. He made me feel at ease right from the start and I felt I was in excellent hands. He has a very gentle, caring nature. Later that afternoon I enjoyed a 2 hour treatment at a local Day Spa. Heavenly, and highly recommended to help relax the mind and body.

Day 2 – Back to the hospital for the actual surgery. I was awake during the procedure, which was a daunting thought. Dr Thun did a fantastic job and it was all over very quickly. I rested back at my hotel for the rest of that day. The care during the procedure was exceptional and I have had comments from people in NZ about the perfect stitching to the area.  (These are people who have seen a lot of this surgery before).

I looked a bit of a sight over the next few days, so I am thankful that large framed sunglasses are back in fashion plus having a good friend to run around after me. I managed to do plenty of shopping during that week before heading home. It took a good 4 – 6 weeks to really see the results.

I have had many comments from friends about how good I was looking, without knowing what I had done until I told them. I found Jane very supportive and would like to thank her for always returning my phone calls and answering any questions I had. 


I would recommend Beautiful Escapes for anyone looking to have surgery as I know Jane will look after you.


Thank you again Jane, for your support throughout this adventure.

Wendy Auckland

LASIK surgery - I was eager to test my vision and amazed by what I saw

Turangi, New Zealand

After seeing an advertisement in the New Zealand Herald for Lasik eye surgery in Thailand organised by Beautiful Escapes, I emailed the company and had a prompt telephone reply from Jo.

Jo was very knowledgeable about the various hospital options for Lasik and provided really quick, informative responses to my many questions. Jo recommended Dr Somchai who operates from the Super Centre at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. I did a fair amount of research about him and the centre and made a very quick decision to go ahead.

As I would be travelling alone for the surgery, Jo allowed me to 'tag along' with her so myself, Jo and one other lady departed Auckland for Bangkok together on 18th February.

There were a couple of miscommunications regarding the booking time and day but the hospital staff are extremely professional and speak English quite well so language wasn't too much of a problem.


The hospital is awesome - very clean buildings and facilities, up to date technology and the service really is five star. Any fears of 'backstreet butchery' completely disappeared. I had an initial consultation and a chance to meet Dr Somchai who is very reassuring and has a calming, gentle demeanour so any anxiety I had been feeling was quickly forgotten about.

Consultation with Dr. Somchai

The day of the surgery Jo and I met at the clinic and she was kind enough to wait for me to have the lasik. I will admit that I was quite nervous but the whole procedure took about 15 or 20 minutes and was not at all painful or too uncomfortable. Dr Somchai offers heaps of reassurance throughout the procedure and suggested some breathing exercises which really helped me to relax.

After the procedure was over and Dr Somchai had fitted me with the 'spiderman goggles' I was fully briefed about keeping my eyes dry, clean and free from infection. I was given some mild sedatives and painkillers just in case I felt uncomfortable later on. I was advised to stay in the hotel room and rest for the remainder of the day. It was really comforting knowing Jo was outside waiting for me and she was nice enough to make sure I got a taxi back to the hotel and then kept in touch with me to see how I was feeling that evening.

After surgery leaving the hospital

My vision was pretty horrible the day of the surgery but I didn't feel any pain, only slight discomfort like grittiness in my eyes. I took Dr Somchai's advice and stayed in my hotel room for the evening. The attendant who brought my room service dinner to me had a bit of a chuckle when he saw me as the 'spiderman goggles' are not very fashionable! Slept like a log without sedation or pain killers.

I was eager to test my vision the next day and can honestly say that my eyes were not sore at all and my vision was about as good as it would have been wearing my glasses or contact lenses although it took a couple of seconds to focus in on things in the distance. I had my first check-up that morning with Dr Somchai and he was very impressed with the results and was amazed that my eyes had pretty much healed up over night.

I would recommend both Jo from Beautiful Escapes and Dr Somchai from the Super Centre Pattaya if you are considering any eye or other type of surgery in Thailand. Jo was very efficient and provided relevant information based on her travel consultants knowledge and personal experiences, which helped me make the decision to go ahead. She made sure all of the travel details/transfers and hospital arrangements were taken care of.

I was very grateful that Jo spent time with me in Pattaya at the hospital and hammering the pavements shopping, people watching and enjoying a yummy seafood dinner together at a beachside restaurant. I definitely got my great service from Jo and look forward to seeing her in the future.

Client Name: Gaylene

Country: Turangi, New Zealand

Treatments: LASIK surgery

Specialist Doctor: Dr Somchai

AA cup to fuller firmer C cup breasts and making my dream come true

New Zealand

Thank you to Jane, Nicco, Dr Thun and all the amazing doctors and nurses at BPH, who helped make my dream to have breast augmentation become reality. 

I can confidently recommend Beautiful Escapes and BPH to anyone thinking of having surgery. Compassion, world class, five star, professionalism, hassle free and a great holiday are just a few words to describe my experience.


I decided to have breast enlargement because I had lost my breasts to exercise over the years. I had heard of overseas surgery holidays and noted they were half the price of having the operation in New Zealand, with five star facilities and having a holiday at the same time. Beautiful Escapes helped me to make my surgery plans become reality. Every question I had, Jane would answer as soon as possible and any doubts, she would reassure me. She was with me 100% of the way.


We were picked up at Bangkok Airport and taken to our hotel which was the four star Diana Garden Resort Hotel, a ten minute walk to the hospital. This hotel is excellent for the price, very good value! We were very comfortable and the staff very friendly. Dr Thun spoke perfect English. He answered all the questions I had plus more. After my consult I had no nerves about the operation, knowing I was in good hands with an experienced surgeon in an excellent five star hospital.


I was at the hospital at 8.30am on the day of the surgery. After Dr Thun had seen me, I was taken to my room where I would spend two nights. I decided to stay for the full time that my package entailed. I had two hours to get familiar with my surroundings and make myself comfy before being wheeled into the surgery room at 12.30pm. I wasn’t nervous, but couldn’t believe this was the moment!

After meeting with the anaesthetist, they wheeled me into the surgery room and sent me to sleep. I awoke to realise the surgery was completed and I was okay, except for the pain on my chest. A nurse soon made that disappear. I went for 330cc implants from an AA cup to around a full C). After an hour they wheeled me back to my room. The nurses checked on me every hour, bringing in drink, food, painkillers - everything, as I could not move from my bed. It was overnight before I felt I could manage to get up. I had a buzzer I could ring when I needed something, to which they would response to ASAP. I am so glad I have the comfort of this 5star hospital.

The day after the operation I was able to move around slowly. Dr Thun checked on me the following day, & took out the drain tubes. Two days after my surgery I was out shopping and enjoying all that Pattaya has to offer.

I had a great holiday, was pampered, got beautiful breasts and met some lovely people. The whole experience was wonderful, thanks Jane for everything, you’ve been great!!! And BPH, the service was outstanding!!!!! 


Client name: Sarah

Country: New Zealand

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Thun | Thailand

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