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Deep frown lines across the brow and between the eyebrows portrays an aging face. Sometimes, the eyebrows sag. This creates a look of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. The browlift will elevate the area above the brows, and weakens the muscles that cause furrows on the forehead and between the eyes. The result is a smoother, more youthful forehead and eyes that appear to be more open.

Every incision can leave a scar. However, with endoscopic surgery, the scars are likely to be hidden. Three to five very short (approximate 1 cm) incisions are made, usually behind the hairline. An endoscope, which is a pencil like camera device, is inserted through one of the incisions.

The Procedure

In a forehead lift or browlift, the muscles and tissues which cause the furrowing or drooping are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the eyebrows and minimise frown lines.

Best Candidates for a Forehead Lift 

A forehead lift is most commonly performed in the 40-60 age range to minimize the visible effects of aging. But it can help anybody from the 20's upwards, who have developed furrows or frown lines due to stress or muscle activity.

Individuals with inherited conditions, such as a low, heavy brow or furrowed lines above the nose can achieve a more alert and refreshed look with this procedure. Often a forehead lift is performed in conjunction with a facelift or blepharoplasty.


All surgery carries risk, and you should be fully aware of the medical risks associated with this procedure before you consent to surgery. Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you during your consultation, and you are encouraged to ask questions if there is anything you do not understand.

You will be required to sign a consent form before surgery stating that you have been informed of the risks involved; that you understand those risks and you accept those risks. This is standard hospital protocol and surgery will not be performed if you do not sign.

It is your obligation to inform your surgeon of key medical information that may influence the outcome of your surgery or may increase the level of risk. These include medications you are taking, history of disease, medical complications, etc.

Risks and risk rates vary from patient to patient depending on a range of factors. No two people are alike. The risks listed below are possible risks associated with this type of surgery and are mentioned regardless of how remote the possibility is:

  • Injury to facial nerve

  • Loss of motion

  • Muscle weakness

  • Asymmetrical look

  • Infection

  • Broad or excessive scarring

What does a typical Brow Lift consultation entail?

Your surgeon will go over your options that can realistically attain your goals. You will discuss the risks and complications as well as anaesthesia choices and fees and what you can expect post-operatively. This is the time where you can ask questions regarding your concerns and determine if this surgeon is for you. Please do not be afraid to inquire about anything.

How is Brow Lift performed?

After you are anesthetized or sedated, your surgeon will determine the area which needs to be excised and where the best incision placements would be for your particular needs. You will have this skin dissected and your surgeon will move and suture your muscle or skin, depending. Or he or she may excise or "clip" your corrugator muscle to prohibit or hinder you from frowning in the future. After the internal work has been done your incisions will be sutured and a pressure dressing will be applied.

What should I expect post-operatively?

Expect to be swollen, tender and possibly bruised. This is very normal so do not be alarmed at the presence of any of the above. If you are in pain, take your prescribed medications and do not forget to take your antibiotics and apply your eye salves if instructed. You will be groggy from the anaesthetic so this is a good thing, do not fight it. This helps you rest and adjust to your healing period without pain or memory of pain.

When will the stitches be removed and does this hurt?
The sutures and/or staples will be removed in a week to 10 days. It may hurt a little but your surgeon can give you injections of a Lidocaine (a pain reliever) in case your staples are difficult or painful to remove.

When will I be able to see the results?

The results are immediate but you will be swollen, remember to be patient during the healing period and the full results should be visible in a few months. You may also think that your brows are too high, this is normal and will relax. Any numbness along the incisions should subside by 6 months but may remain indefinitely in some patients. Remember that as each day goes on you will be that much closer to your final result, so be patient.

There is a chance of hematoma (blood clots), numbness from nerve damage and hyperpigmentation (permanent discolorations) caused by the bruising. There may be asymmetry and/or undesired results resulting from your brow lift. Possible infections may arise and scarring can be apparent depending on the incision placement. There can be necrosis of the tissues at the incision lines, resulting in additional tissue removal. If performed by an unskilled surgeon, it is very possible to have your skin pulled too tight and result in a very "surprised" look. Although you may look this way at first - it should relax.

Are the results permanent?

You may say that the results are semi-permanent. We are going to continue to age and our brows will droop -- it is a fact of life, unfortunately. Of course the endoscopic techniques may not last nearly as long as the coronal lift but they are by far less invasive.

Pre-Surgical Tests Prior to admissions and surgery, your Surgeon will require you to undergo laboratory investigations and/or diagnostic examinations to ensure that you are fit for surgery. These tests are standard hospital procedure.

Please note that this information should be used only as a guide to your treatment.

All specifics will be discussed with your Surgeon during your initial consultation.

Quick facts 

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure:

Best Candidate:  Sagging, low eyebrows, forehead creases, frown lines      

Anaesthesia: General

Length of Surgery:  1-3 hours
Side Effects:  Temporary swelling and bruising, tightness.
Back to Work: Within 2 weeks 
Normal Activities: Increase gently after 6-8 weeks
Fading of Scars and Results after:
Several months to a year or more

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